Chocolate Brazil Nuts

Chocolate Brazil Nuts

Chocolate Brazil Nuts, delicately enrobed in white, dark, or milk chocolate, are a wonderful gift for anyone, including yourself.

Chocolate Brazil Nuts
Chocolate Brazil Nuts from Walnut Tree

What makes Chocolate Brazil Nuts great?

We adore chocolate brazil nuts since the chocolate and nuts’ texture is so different. The nuts crunch and crumble in your mouth, with their firm texture cracking pleasingly. The chocolate is liable to become exceptionally soft in your mouth, allowing your teeth to sink through it quickly and gently.

This fantastic combination is something sinfully good – we recommend it to anyone looking for a tasty treat. Whether you choose white, milk, or dark, the option for a tasty nut from our box is open to you.

The creamy whole Brazil nut is something extraordinary, making the entire snack feel more luxurious than it otherwise could have. This form of luxury makes the nuts a wonderful present for that person who’s so hard to buy for – they’re a rich, fulfilling gift.

The history of chocolate brazil nuts

Chocolate-coated brazil nuts are something we’ve spoken about on this site, and we’re going to mention that history again here because it’s so interesting.

At the most basic level, there are two steps to the history of the chocolate brazil nuts.

The first step is when brazil nuts were first brought to the UK during the reign of Henry VIII. Naturally, he ordered the large outer shells that had been bought to him to be cracked open. Then, the smaller nuts were washed, cracked, and prepared for him – this is what we would recognize as the modern brazil nut.

Chocolate Brazil Nuts
Brazil Nuts growing in Bolivia

People generally enjoyed the nut for the same reason you and I do today – it’s rich, meaty, and toothsome. However, for most, the toothsome nature of the nut meant it wasn’t too wonderful. Dental practices were atrocious during Henry VIII’s time, so the hearty crunch of a brazil nut wasn’t desirable. Simply, people were unable to achieve the hard bite needed to munch on a good brazil nut.


Around a hundred years later, though, chocolate started to be imported to the UK. During the reign of Charles II, chocolate-coated brazil nuts became popular. Of course, dental health still wasn’t excellent in the 1600s, meaning people were still reticent to bite down on the nut. Instead, they would suck the chocolate from the nut, and leave the nut in a bowl.

This wastefulness symbolised wealth and power – people so willing to waste food were showing off that they had money to waste.

Chocolate Brazil Nuts
Cracked open brazil nut pods

Why is our product great?

We adore our product since the nuts and chocolate are wonderfully good, and the packaging is resplendent and luxurious. The combination of a decadent product and fancy packaging genuinely makes this a brilliant gift for any time of year.

We know, of course, that brazil nuts are a Christmas delicacy to most people. Despite this, we would certainly recommend picking up a box any time of year – luxury shouldn’t be seasonal! 

And if you want to expand the range of tastes and textures why not buy a luxury chocolate covered nut mix from Walnut Tree. Filled with chocolate covered brazil nuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts. Something for everone.

Chocolate Brazil Nuts
Nine sectioned chocolate nut gift box

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