100 things to do with dried fruit and nuts

Eat them or ...

Bake them
Blanch them
Blend them
Boil them
Caramelise them
Crystallise them
Chop them
Dice them
Dip them
Grate them
Grill them
Grind them
Juice them
Marinade them
Mince them
Mix them
Pickle them
Plump them
Preserve them
Puree them
Poach them
Roast them
Slice them
Simmer them
Smoke them
Steam them
Stew them
Sliver them
Toast them
Toss them
Vape them
Winnow them

in a fruit cake
and decorate your cakes
and make a delicious smoothie
into pâte de fruits
in sugar
into candied fruits
into a preserve
into chutney
in melted chocolate
into turkey stuffing
for a snack
into nut butter
with ice cream
to make compote
to make mince pies
up for everyone
into a sweet and sour delight
to increase their volume
for time immemorial
and then drizzle
in a simmering liquid
with honey
into your jam saucepan
for delicious mulled wine
with spices
for the health conscious ones
in a Moroccan tagine dish
as a garnish
and develop their flavour
over your favourite salad
and enjoy their aroma
down to your favourite bite

But most of all ENJOY THEM ...