Gluten Free Diets

Gluten free diets … what are they?

The word for glue in Latin is ‘gluten‘ and that’s exactly what happens when gliadin, prolamins and glutenin collide. They stick together helping food maintain its shape by acting as a glue.

Gluten is the collective noun for these proteins, naturally found in wheat, rye, barley and triticale – a cross between wheat and rye. These are the main natural food types, however, some grains, such as oats, may be cross contaminated with gluten during food processing.

Bread, cakes, biscuits and beer are high gluten food types, but it’s also commonly added to tinned and boxed processed foods, such as meat substitutes, liquorice and lip balm.

When eaten by someone with a sensitivity to gluten, the villi – tiny, finger like projections in the small intestine that act as protectors to the rest of the body – reject the gluten. No-one knows why. This rejection can affect the absorption rate of other nutrients needed for our wellbeing such as calcium, iron and vitamin A.

The five major illnesses associated with gluten are celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, wheat allergy, gluten ataxia, and dermatitis herpetiformis, with side effects including bloating, abdominal pain, headaches and tiredness.

So, what can Walnut Tree offer people who need a gluten free diet? We’ve checked and can confirm that:

  • Its accepted that nuts in their pure form are gluten-free. This includes almonds, brazil nuts, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, walnuts. Sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are also gluten-free. While nuts are naturally gluten-free, you need to be careful with caramelised nuts.
  • The following dried fruits are listed as gluten free: apple, apricot, cherry, cranberry, dates, fig, kiwi, mango, peach, pineapple and strawberry.

Please click here to see our gluten-free products range.

To the best of our knowledge all products identified with an gluten free icon in our gift shop are suitable for gluten free diet.

If you have any questions or need more information, please email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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