Kosher Diets

Kosher Diets

For Jewish people, the kosher laws governing their diet emphasize that Judaism is much more than a religion in the conventional sense of the word. Sacredness and holiness are not confined to set holy places or special time times, separate from the everyday; but rather, life in its totality is a sacred endeavour. The Torah outlines that basis of the laws of Kashrut in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14, and tells the story of how these laws were commanded by God to Moses and the Jewish people in at Mount Sinai.

These laws not only determine which foods may be consumed but also mandate how they must be produced, proceeded and prepared prior to being eaten. They also rule that meat and milk foods are prohibited to be eaten together.

Jewish law splits foods into three categories:

  • Meat: Mammals or fowl, as well as products derived from them, including bones or broth.
  • Dairy: Milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt
  • Pareve: Any food that is not meat or dairy, including fish, eggs, and plant-based foods, dried fruit and nuts

The requirement to separate different food types impacts on the utensils and equipment used to prepare meat or dairy, they must always be kept separate. And finally after eating meat one must wait a designated amount of time before consuming any dairy product.

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